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I am coming home next year

^^I'm coming home next year^^
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Okay, so my semester abroad is leading to its end....

I came here to Helsinki on August 25th,2006 and my hostfamily, that I just knew from some E-Mails we have written before, welcomed me so nice (and loud). Tervetuloa Helsingiin!

I was really amazed how the chemistry (can I say that also in English?) between these 'strangers' and me just fit perfectly!
I mean, you have to imagine: you go somewhere where you've never been before, a totally different world from your home, miles away (okay...maybe Finnland and Austria aren't thaaaaaaaat far away...but anyway). And there are people who act almost like your own family!

I didn't have ups and downs, I just had UPs and UPPERs. It was great the whole time.
The day I arrived was a Friday, and on Monday I had my first day in my new school: Oulunkylän Yhteiskoulu. (as I later got said Ville Valo went to that school too hihi)
It was fine there, I really liked it. Not my arts teacher, not the school councelor, not that strange maths teacher that shouted at me in Finnish without any reason at lunch, and not the fact that the school had 7 floors (except that the 6th floor was missing) and just stairs! narf....

However, I got to know another exchangestudent from Germany who was there for 4 weeks, one from America (but I've never really talked to him), many new people and of course the other exchangestudents from AFS (the organisation that I was here with) from the Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa-Klaukkala-Chapter.

I really started to like the finnish school system, which is just a little bit different than the american one. It also has those courses, but it's divided into 5 Periods (Jakso) of about 4-5 weeks including an examsweek after everyone.

I enjoyed being in that school (don't know...maybe just because my schedule sometimes just startet at 10 o'clock with lunch and endet at 1pm )

I had nice times at the first AFS-Camp in Jannakkala, at Halloween, Independenceday, the pancakeparty at Anni's, several cinemavisits, DVDevenings, Christmas, the trip to Stockholm/Sweden by Fairy and New Year.
I enjoyed traveling 5 hours by car through Tampere to Teuva (it's in the northwest of Helsinki), a small city where I saw the northern light.

I'm happy with what I've got of experience, and I apology for all my grammar/tiping or vocabulary mistakes but I'm way too lazy to get through that again.

I hope I can somehow continue talking Finnish and soon come back to this amazing city, in this amazingly big country with less population that Austria has, with those amazingly different behaving people and the weird language where stupid is called HÖLMÖ.

Well...anyway, i think that's long enough now!
Now I'm looking forward to the Tallinn/Estonia trip all the Semesterstudents from AFS will do on Sunday. We'll go there by Fairy, it's a 3½ hours trip, on Monday we will walk through the city and of course SHOPS! and get back to Helsinki the same evening. On Tuesday, January 9th,2007, we all get put into our flights.

just for interrupting cause it's so fun: my hostsister Veera is reading the newspaper next to me and just started laughing. 'cause there's a movie coming on TV: *robinson crouso on mars*

ok. Now i'm ending.
I think...
Oh yeah, looking forward to see my friends, my family, my teacher, my schoolmates, my cat and my 3 rabbits, to get my 2 cds by taking back sunday that i have just ordered by amazon 2 days ago, to see my denstist again(i think i'm addicted of going there.....that's sick...) and go to saturn and buy the taking back sunday dvd and in february / spring the DVD / new record by the used.
I'm looking forward to rape our school's-break-radio in the hallway by playing finnish music there or just making fun of the crap they are playing.
I'm looking forward to the new guitar that I'll get for my birthday on January 18th (which is the 17th by the way) and my school's graduation ball on 19th by wearing my new red dress.
I'm looking forward to dye my natural blond hair into bright red again after the ball (cause it wouln't have fit with the red dress haha) and puting in the earring again, that makes the hole bigger(cause it got infected badly the first time i trief in i gotta start again).

you're bored?

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